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Tampa, Florida

Faced with renovating a 1950s Florida ranch style home, we looked to its clean lines and classic character as a point of departure. To bring in light and air, we removed the walls that separated the kitchen from the living room and dining areas, creating a line of sight that stretches all the way across the home and through interior and exterior.

Paying homage to the home’s mid-century origins, we polished and restored its original terrazzo flooring, long hidden away. Sunny moments — oak shelf niches in the main living space, a daffodil-yellow front door — cut through the home’s white walls. Details of rich oak punctuate the spaces throughout the house, creating a material continuity and warmth.

In the kitchen, a penny-tile wall complements the terrazzo flooring with its close-set, fine texture and fittingly backdrops authentic 1950s details, like an original metal paper towel dispenser. The penny tile makes its way through the home to the main bath, where it takes the form of a textured strip that cuts through otherwise smooth porcelain tiles on the floor and walls.

On the exterior, the home’s low-slung roof and overall form remains almost untouched, a clear nod to the house’s past and a gateway into its sleek present.

Project Credits:

General Contractor: Robert Delafield

Photography: Moris Moreno

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