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Tampa, Florida

Located in the heart of the University Area and adjacent to Harvest Hope Park, the University Area Cultural Campus is a proposed development consisting of community spaces, cultural programs, and affordable housing. The project, an initiative of the University Area CDC (UACDC), seeks to improve the social, educational, and economic levels of the University Area by connecting residents with services through a holistic approach. Building on the success of Harvest Hope Park, the Cultural Campus focuses on engaging and empowering the community and is part of UACDC’s neighborhood transformation strategy.


The Cultural Campus weaves much-needed amenities directly into the fabric of the community in a walkable environment, creating a vibrant streetscape along N. 20th Street that connects the campus to the park. Our design strategy has been to take a surgical approach that considers the context of the neighborhood, incorporating not only new buildings, but also creative renovations of existing structures on the site.


As part of the four-phase project, a metal warehouse will be transformed into a dynamic space where residents may access a variety of educational and cultural programs. A new 12,000 sq ft Cultural Center building will activate N 20th St with commercial storefronts that provide employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for community members as well as access to goods and services. A plaza will tie the campus together with compelling exterior spaces for gatherings and events. On the north side of the campus, affordable housing will serve families of various sizes and incomes. A courtyard, along with front porches, sidewalks and street lighting will connect the campus to Harvest Hope Park and contribute to an active and safe streetscape.

Project Credits:

Urban Design: Wide Open Office


Hillsborough Planning Commission Chairman's Award, 2021

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